Why You Should Be Renting Furnished Apartments?

Are you in search of a place for your stay? Furnished apartments for rent in buffalo grove il can offer you something more than the room of a hotel. If you’re used to staying in hotels and haven’t ever thought of staying somewhere else, then it is better to rethink your options. Only because you have stayed in hotels doesn’t mean that it’s the best option that you have got. Furnished units are enticing due to many reasons. (more…)

Concert series at Buffalo Grove Park District serenades area families all summer

Jonathan Coren, of Chicago, plays guitar alongside the rock band Industrial Drive during the Buffalo Grove Park District’s Summer Concert Series. (Karie Angell Luc / Pioneer Press)

As the eclectic rock band Industrial Drive performed during the latest installment of the Buffalo Park District’s "Summer Concert Series," patrons of the park district may have been able to recognize a familiar face playing drums.

Mike Terson, a 1988 graduate of Buffalo Grove High School who is the public relations and marketing manager at the park district, could be seen banging on the drums during the concert by Industrial Drive on Tuesday, as families in attendance hosted picnics on blankets and sat in folding chairs.

"It’s a great town," Terson said. "I grew up here, played drums for the Buffalo Grove High School Expressions back in the day, so it’s fun to come on out."

That’s the idea behind the park district’s Summer Concert Series – to try and make it fun for residents and families, said Wendy Friedman, partnership coordinator with the Buffalo Grove Park District.

Industrial Drive’s performance was the third free concert of seven scheduled at the Willow Stream Park in Buffalo Grove this summer. The final concert happens Aug. 1, organizers said.

About 150 people came out for the Industrial Drive concert, which is about average for the Summer Concert Series, Friedman said.

"This is just something that the community looks forward to every year to come and hear the good music, and to help celebrate summer," Friedman said.

Other activities were available for families in attendance Tuesday. Businesses set up sponsorship tables, offering attendees giveaways.

Buffalo Grove resident Max Tolsky said he put his hobby to use, providing children with balloon art.

Ava Alimissis, 8, of Buffalo Grove, tried out a hula hoop.

"It’s challenging," she said with a smile. "I love it."

Ava’s mother, Nicole Alimissis, was among parents enjoying the concert underneath clear skies.

"It’s a nice gathering and time for families to get together," Alimissis said.

Karie Angell Luc is a freelance photographer and reporter for Pioneer Press.

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Buffalo Grove, IL Real Estate: Open Houses

So you want to look at some open houses for sale in Buffalo Grove this weekend? Good idea. An open house planned by the right realtor can help you in any number of ways: Open houses provide you information on how to list and show your own house and they can give you an idea of the quality of homes in an area before you waste too much time going house to house.

The best open house of all? The open house that you end up owning. Take a look at the open houses in and near Buffalo Grove listed by our partners at realtor.com.

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Start A New Life In Buffalo Grove

Buffalo grove is a beautiful city in Chicago. It is very safe and has an upscale vibe. People who live in Buffalo Grove have an above average income and the housing prices are not cheap, but they aren’t like coastal property prices either. If you want to live in a nice neighborhood in Chicago, then you should consider Buffalo Grove.

Moving to a new city can be difficult. You have to find a new home or apartment and you have to sell your current home. Lots of planning goes into making a move and you need to look at all aspects of the move before you make your decision. You will need to have a job lined up before you make the move or you need to be able to work at home.

You also need to find a place to live, whether you rent an apartment or buy a home. You should spend plenty of time researching the different neighborhoods and looking at lots of homes before you decide where you want to move. You will need to have a housing budget in mind before you even start looking a places to stay. You want to make sure that you can comfortable afford where you want to live.

You also have to decide how you want to move. You can hire a moving company or you can rent a truck and move yourself. Moving yourself is cheaper, but you have to do more work when you move yourself. Hiring a moving company is much more expensive but you don’t have to do any of the work.

Moving to Buffalo Grove could be a good choice if you want to live in a more upscale neighborhood in Chicago that is very safe and pretty.

Wheeling DE Nate Dirkes emerges quickly as an Illinois Fighting Illini target

Wheeling 2018 prospect Nate Dirkes wasn’t on many radars a month ago. That’s changed following two camps with Illinois.

CHAMPAIGN – Just a few months ago, Nate Dirkes still considered baseball his possible path to a college scholarship.

"I’ve been treating baseball and football alike," Dirkes told Illini Inquirer. "I went to a very elite with baseball as well, but after a while, football kind of clashed. I’m so much better at football, so I decided to focus on football."


Just a few weeks later, Dirkes has a Big Ten football program seriously considering a scholarship offer. The sleeper prospect from Wheeling High School was one of the stars of the Illinois Friday Night Lights camp.

"I was surprised I came out and played that well," Dirkes said. "I kind of surprised myself."

He’s surprised Illinois too because Dirkes, who also is a very good basketball player at Wheeling, has been a relative unknown until now. There is no film of him on the internet, a rarity for any level of prospect.

But one of Dirkes coaches at Wheeling is a long-time friend of UI assistant Mike Phair and tipped off the Illinois defensive line coach to Dirkes. Phair then invited him to last Saturday’s camp at the Lake Forest College. While Dirkes didn’t go through every drill because he didn’t have pads, his frame and athleticism intrigued Phair.

The Illini got Dirkesinto pads on Friday, and Dirkes showed the tools that make him a very intriguing prospect. The 6-foot-5, 227-pound defensive end — who played guard and long snapper at Wheeling last season — ran the fastest 40-yard dash time of any lineman (4.82 seconds), ran an impressive 4.62-second shuttle and an impressive 9-foot, 6-inch broad jump.

Dirkes is raw as a defensive end — he didn’t expect to play the position in camp and said he has rarely played on the defensive line in high school — but he showed a solid burst off the line of scrimmage in positional drills and good strength in one-on-one drills.

The Illini coaches, especially Phair, watched Dirkes intently most of the camp. Afterward, Dirkes chatted with several Illini coaches, including head coach Lovie Smith.

"It went from being no one really talks to you to all of a sudden, every coach knows my name and every coach is shaking my hand," Dirkes said. "It feels nice. As a freshman, I was like 70 pounds lighter than I am now. It just feels so weird because inside I feel like I’m still that really skinny kid. I just feel like the hard work paid off."

Dirkes said he will visit a camp at Iowa on Monday and Illinois State later this month. But Illinois has a head start in the recruitment.

"I like them," Dirkes said. "They’re really funny, especially Coach Phair. He’s a really funny guy. Coach Smith, that’s the second time I met him and he just really surprised me with how calm he is. My coaches are kind of intense. It’s like a different mentality. I feel a lot better playing with him."

Illinois told Dirkes it will take some more time to evaluate the film and discuss him this weekend. But the coaches told Dirkes they will call him on Monday.

A few weeks ago, a scholarship offer from a Big Ten football program seemed like a fantasy for Dirkes. But the sleeper has shown enough in just a few camps to make that a real possibility.

"I’d be happy to get an offer," Dirkes said. "That’d be awesome. But if they don’t offer, it’s their decision in the end. I’m just going to keep playing and do whatever they ask me to do."

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Reasons To Choose An Apartmet With Basement

Basements have become uncommon since last few years as the construction price has increased because people do not want to dig so deep in ground. Constructing an apartment with basement will require you to pay a lot of extra money to contractors which can increase the overall cost. Some people build apartment by taking loan from other sources so they have to pay everything back in few years and they have to think about paying back before making the decision of investing some extra money. Basements became very common in Victoria times because people started to worry about small living spaces but after that, the idea of multifamily buildings overcame the idea of basements. (more…)


Apartments suitable for families

Single people do not have to worry much about renting an apartment because all they have to do is look for their own comfort and requirement for the living place. Having a family transfers a lot of responsibility towards you and you will have to think about a lot of new people instead of just for yourself now. They will have their own demands, requirements, and needs and wants which you have to take care of as the elder member of family. You can start for searching an apartment right after taking some important opinions from your family members because they will look up to you for filling their needs. The asheville nc apartments are very cheap as compare to all the other main cities in United Sates and this is also one of the most famous cities for family living according to some government reports. (more…)


Apartments Containing Garage

Married people may find it difficult to look for the best suited apartment for themselves and their families because both parts of family will want to have different things and facilities. This may not be the case if you have proper and effective conversation with each other and explain all the possible outcomes of not having certain facility which is important to you. Finding an apartment is one of the biggest things that you have to do before moving in together because most people will not want to share the existing apartment due to the same above mentioned reason. Men want their apartment to be comfortable and near to their workplace while women want a lot of other things than just these two. (more…)